Sonic Acts of Noticing

Take a moment to make space for listening. Find somewhere comfortable to sit and use headphones if possible.

As you listen, texts will appear on the screen. Allow listening to guide your interactions with them (moving, closing, opening them as desired).

You can save 'artefacts' to your library by clicking the plus symbol. These selections will map out your unique listening journey in space and time.

Settle comfortably, notice your breath and your contact with the chair.

  • 3.Floating to Radialsystem

Swimming or swooping; aggressive water; Water pool girls swimming bathroom kids being bathed; Breathe; Chloride smells; Skin; Squelch; Vesterhavet; Muddy weather; clothes or dishes washing; Station trains; stars; Lost


Diving; Boarding; Draw; hot chicken wings; Deep fried grease; Dykkerklokke; Aquarium; Bebedouro; Jeg tænker på det langsomme; kitchen in 1990; Snorkeling pearls; Oil hot oil; Bathroom; small interior lights; xylophone; Shower time; Bubbles; Lik Lik Lik; In my head; Zipper; some animal asking for food


Burn; Pfützen; Blowing bubbles in a park?; food poisoning; water rinse; Regenwasser; Two types of water; Feel like i need to go to toilet; Abwasserkanal; Kanalisation; A tiny dog chasing the bubbles; sandy wind; guests in the apartment


The bubbles sound tiny; Where are we?; bees; Cycling by a river; window while storm; Water is probably overflowing; headache; Boiler room; Soothing; Falling; Small straws; formula 1; Food bank; Rush; Finally out; Family; Are we listening while chatting; crows migrating; Nonhuman others are here; duck!!; yay


Baby; Dry laughter; a zipper; Afraid; Stones being thrown into water; I love these textures; Nervous; Lighting; before the storm; engine; Huge machine; tough air; So so much; Watery machine


Squeek, scrunch,; liquid drops; large man in the metro station sweating; Seagulls; Duck; little sound diamonds pouring; dog; I love these sounds!; Gummy; No idea where we are though


a rattlesnake; Static; Seagull; Having a bath in public; Cold; Shaking; The shoreline; Uncomfortable; calm down; Maybe this is something to think about; tractor; Fried eggs; Clipping


truck; Perler; Flu; rainforest; Into the elbow; Waiting; Snipper; Fly; ready to attack; Mechanical snake


Sunny; Walk in the park; Birds; Ambulanz; Friends; Outdoors; Warped ans distorted; again the rainforest; Day; tropical; Moving day; Ocean waves; Sun; Görlitzer park; Morning after a night out; Stairs


Seagulls; Light; But then pizza; Birds in bushes; Waves; fauchen; Swimming; Is it funny?; waterfalls; Overwhelmed; It is funny!; High speed road; Boxes; Tetris; Tractor; Bus in Moscow


Truckkk; Diesel; Strong arms; People walking next to the autobahn; Helicopter fan epic movie?; Busy city; How do they get there?; indiana jones; cowboy walking; Satisfied; Autumn leaves; Little woods; Gentle steps


Windy; storm; Childhood; Heavy steps; heavy hands; Scraping the ground; Heavy; Eeeeeee; Boots; medicine music; Morning prayers; Fumbling; Mosque; An experience just for me; A city you don’t live in; Pocket dail; Uh new room; Lost; Mars; Gongo


Changing point; Resonance; Rasp and resonant; Swirling inside something hollow; This is more warm; Far way bowling ally; Istanbul; I feel less alone; Ac; Eco; darkness; What clubbing used to be like; Stairs again; Industrial; something big is coming


Horror movie; High walls; Dark; collisions; A Bridge; Corpus; Stuck; Underworld; dark religion; Ship containers being mounted on a ship container; Bit crusher


ambient music; Things are happening!!!; yeah some rythm now; Hurt; Collaboration; Seaside; chirp chirp; thank you!; directioooons; Who is that?; Glad I wore this hat!; Where?


Ahahahhaa; sbahn; Tunnel?; Ice; Outro; Singing with his son; Dancing; leaves; Imbranato


Texting; Yeah I hear this; Sand paper; Dry leaves; Mortar and pestle; Uncomfatble; Bicycle; Walking with the bike when it’s too cold to cycle; Coins; Wheels; chains; Fruit machines


Orange juice; Paper; Paralelepípedo; Horse and cart; I can feel tension in my body; Oh I want that; Rain; Distortion; Glitzy; Vácuo; Engine; Airplane; Train


Moving on to new adventures; i‘m getting used to those sounds; Tube; scooter; Take off!; Shhh; Hm?; Mmmmmm; Yeeees; late for work; Snatched conversation; semi high heels; Arrival; Sandwich; Expanse; Getting close; Tidal wave of doom; hungeeer; Needy children; School; Hi heels?


steady walk; Ne; New plac; moritzplatz; Place; Arrastando os pés; soil; It’s autumn definitely; Going for a quick walk


Depth; sbahn; Waiting; What is below?; Whooshing and crunching always ans forever; Someone else's walk; Crossroad; The city is constantly breaking down; Expectation; than what; Lowering a lift into the street level; gun loading; Bottle; Following footsteps; Human hands; No much talking; walk walk walk; Hanging posters in the city; Zamalek; Bibi


steps and steps and steps; Move move move; Beep beep beep; Walking with people; What’s your favourite sound?; A string without it’s bass; Kids are there too; Missing my children; kids or ducks?; Dada; Daaddaaaa; Baby ducks


Moving forward; Here we go; birds; End of the working day; park; March; Walking back home; Keep walking; gas; Smoothie maker; In sync


Not clear; Jeg begynder at få ondt i fødderne, lang aften, lang nat, lang dag; Weaving; Small streer; Market; people selling veg; Langt i det hele taget.; Market; Pressing, compacting; Woven voices; crossroad; Whoooosh; Driver; Errands; Speed


"I’m afraid of the ocean. And maybe I swim the way architects tend to think—in a language of measured perimeters, predefined routes, delimited territories. Again and again, I approach the wall and turn, pushing off from the reliable edge."


“If I were to capture some urban water in a glass, retrace the networks that brought it there and follow Ariadne’s thread through the water, ‘I would pass with continuity from the local to the global, from the human to the nonhuman’ (Latour 1993: 121). These flows would narrate many interrelated tales: of social and political actors and the powerful socio-ecological processes that produce urban and regional spaces; of participation and exclusion; of rats and bankers; of water-borne disease and speculation in water industry related futures and options; of chemical, physical, and biological reactions and transformations; of the global hydrological cycle and global warming; of uneven geographical development; of the political lobbying and investment strategies of dam builders; of urban land developers; of the knowledge of engineers; of the passage from river to urban reservoir. In sum, my glass of water embodies multiple tales of the ‘city as a hybrid’. The rhizome of underground and surface water flows, of streams, pipes and networks is a powerful metaphor for processes that are both social and ecological (Kaïka and Swyngedouw 2000). Water is a ‘hybrid’ thing that captures and embodies processes that are simultaneously material, discursive, and symbolic.”


"Even while in constant motion, water is also a planetary archive of meaning and matter. To drink a glass of water is to ingest the ghosts of bodies that haunt that water. When 'nature calls' some time later, we return to the cistern and the sea not only our antidepressants, our chemical estrogens, or our more commonplace excretions, but also the meanings that permeate those materialities: disposable culture, medicalized problem-solving, ecological disconnect. Just as the deep oceans harbor particulate records of former geological eras, water retains our more anthropomorphic secrets, even when we would rather forget. Our distant and more immediate pasts are returned to us in both trickles and floods."


"Infrastructure not only moves humans, it is a more-than-human project. The occluded histories of nonhuman life still have to be recovered from the archives of engineered landscapes. Nonhuman life gathers alongside infrastructure networks, sometimes in unexpected ways and outside the parameters of capitalist space and time. Now and again nonhuman agency becomes visible in the historical records of modernity’s vital networks, the moment it disrupts the flows of metabolic systems."


"Making worlds is not limited to humans. We know that beavers rehape streams as they make dams, canals, and lodges; in fact, all organisms make ecological living places, altering earth, air, and water."


"Moreover, here in this forest, we hear a variety of sounds… so many… mere sounds. That’s all they are; they should not cause fear
to anyone. We hear the rumbling of clouds, the whistling of wind in the reeds, we hear sounds of lutes and drums, big and small, sounds of conches and bells, of wagons and doors, creaking, sounds of axes and saws and similar implements—all kinds of sounds are heard here. One should not be afraid of them."

Our distant and more immediate pasts are returned to us in both trickles and floods. (Neimanis, 2010)


"In contrast to privileging efficient flows of traffic and unfettered mobility, whether for the fast-moving pedestrian or the rush-hour automobile communiter, we might argue that there are 'vital frictions' that take place within the uneven terrains of corporeal mobilities, for example as diverse people pass on a sidewalk, as they mix, slow, and pause for social encounters of conviviality or conflict. Spaces of uneven mobility and differential impairment are always contested through micro-politics of proximity and crowding."


"What do you do when your world starts to fall apart? I go for a walk, and if I’m really lucky, I find mushrooms."